The top 5 things we will find out at The NAMM Show

NAMM is right around the corner and we can't be more excited. For any musician this is our Candyland. A huge convention center filled with everything from guitars to recording equipment to ukes to harmonicas. If it makes sounds it will be there.

After a year of big growth at the shop and a busy holiday season we are looking forward to a trip with the Casino Team. We will be taking a group of folks with us out to get a once in a lifetime opportunity to hand select their soulmate guitar. We have been invited to some very special exclusive events with Taylor, Fender, and PRS guitars. We will have our film crew filming all the exclusive events and releases everyday.

Here are the top 5 things we want to find out at NAMM!

5 Gibson- Over the last couple years Gibson has had its problems. From bankruptcy to robot tuners to problems with dealers. It's been a uphill battle for dealers carrying Gibson. With a new CEO at the helm we will see if Gibson can get back on track in 2019.
4 PRS- 2018 was a big year for PRS. The release of the John Mayer Silver Sky turned heads and won the hearts of many a fan and player. We love the Silver Sky and are looking forward to seeing what PRS and John have up their sleeves. We will have some great content from the show this year, as our relationship with PRS at the shop grows into its second year.
3 The Fender Secret- So top secret that Baxter had to sign a non disclosure agreement when Fender flew him and the out to Nashville last week. We can't say too much about it but its going to be a possible game changer. After 3 years of R&D, the Fender team is finally ready to bring this potential game changer to the shops. We will have them in stock at the beginning of NAMM and have lots of product demos launching very soon.
2 Taylor Dread- Word on the street is a redesign of the Taylor dreadnought. Will it have the V-Class bracing? Something entirely different maybe? Maybe it will have herringbone trim and they can call it the T-28. 
1 The Jimmy Page Custom Shop- Its the buzz everyone has been talking about, the most anticipated Fender release in years. Will the Rock and Roll God himself make his way to NAMM for the reveal and release of his famed Dragon and Mirror Telecasters. We already put our order in on the production models and will be fighting for one of the 50 of the super exclusive Custom Shop models. 
So stay tuned for all the NAMM details. We will be posting content every evening during the NAMM Show with super exclusive content and interviews. As always share and follow our content on Facebook and youtube. 

Derrick Numbers
Derrick Numbers