PRS Private Reserve Lefty


This is one of our favorite pieces from the Lefty Legacy Collection as we cannot believe how absolutely gorgeous this instrument is in every way. The tone is spectacular with a complete control of all frequencies while creating its own sonic highway to explore on. The fit and feel of this instrument is insane. The neck is perfect in every possible way and the playability is off the charts. 

The top on this Private Reserve piece of Paul's is unbelievable. The three, no lets say four dimensional look of this top is truly breathtaking. Were not really sure where these pieces of wood come from but we are pretty sure they are harvested from a rare supply on the far side of Europa (one of Jupiters moons....completely made of ice...sorry we just watched Europa Report, the movie, and we're on a space exploration tear). 

The neck has a gorgeous grain pattern as well and is capped off by beautiful tuners and of course the signature of the man himself. 

Truly a fantastic and amazing instrument that we are thrilled to have in the shop for a short time.

Originally priced at $11,725.00

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