Meet the Team








James Villone

James has been with Casino Guitars since we opened in 2015 and has an innate passion for music.  If he looks grumpy in the shop, it's probably because Baxter changed the shop music to Christmas songs (in June) or his new favorite guitar was just sold.  

He's an outstanding musician performing around town and the region and producing music in his spare time; you can check out his music here.

James also teaches guitar and can be reached at the shop for lesson times.


Baxter Clement

Baxter is a born musician, quirky but able to play pretty much anything he picks up (including the piano which he can NOT pick up.) He attended the the O'Neal School and then North Carolina School for Performing Arts for high school where he studied classical guitar.  He then went on to earn a full scholarship to Vanderbilt's Blair School of Music where he met his future band mates.  Upon graduation he moved to New York, worked as a pit musician on Broadway and created a band which found a good bit of success, The Blondes, Inc.  He later toured with Richard Lloyd, formerly of Television.

He returned to North Carolina in 2006, opened a teaching studio (Sandhills School of Performing Arts) and finally pursued his passion for finding beautiful guitars by opening Casino Guitars.

Baxter is married to Taylor and father to: three boys, one cat and two stuffed animals (Maggie and Nessie.) 


Derrick Numbers is usually hiding behind a camera or computer screen but if you're lucky, you can catch him after shop hours  teaching lessons.  


Jonathan Robinson

Taylor Clement, married to Baxter for over 10 years and can still barely play guitar.  But on rare occasion, you can catch her in the shop strumming on her favorite GS Mini or Purple Mist Squire.