American Original 70's Jazz Bass Natural Finish

We saw this unveiled at the Fender NAMM booth this year and were stunned by how gorgeous it was. This is one of the best funk and slap basses we have ever heard! 

Over the course of the '70s, the Jazz Bass entered its "teenage years," changing its visual style and inspiring new playing techniques-such as slapping-which led directly to new, creative forms of expression. Its smooth feel and growly midrange, tempered with a bit of treble bite, made it a hero in recording sessions around the globe. The American Original '70s Jazz Bass updates the smooth playing feel with a modern-radius fingerboard, while retaining the classic Fender tone and style that made the Jazz Bass the tool of choice for creative bassists.

The Pure Vintage '75 Jazz Bass single-coil pickups are as period-correct as possible, from the enamel-coated coil wire to the cloth-covered output wires, fiber bobbins and alnico 5 magnets. The sleek "'70s U"-shaped neck profile and 9.5"-radius fingerboard combine for a comfortably agile playing feel. Other authentic touches include vintage-tall frets, original-era body radii, vintage-style hardware-including a four-saddle vintage-style bridge-vintage-style hardshell case.

An authentic recreation of the instrument that created funk and disco, the American Original '70s Jazz Bass is the best way to get inspired and groove.

Vintage-inspired J Bass from Fender

The Fender Jazz Bass entered a new era when the 1970s came around. Funk was king, and disco was moving onto the block. To get into the groove of this vibrant decade, designers of the Fender Jazz Bass made slight variations in body style, hardware, and appointments that invited new playing techniques like slapping, as well as other forms of creative expression. Players quickly fell for the changes, and the Fender '70s Jazz Bass became a live performance and recording favorite known for its midrange growl and slightly toothier treble compared with its '60s predecessor. The Fender American Original '70s Jazz Bass is a faithful homage to this iconic J Bass, featuring the same tonewoods for the body, classic appointments, and vintage hardware. Many bass players here at Sweetwater have a Fender American Original '70s Jazz Bass in their lineup and love the way it grooves.

Vintage pickups kick out great tone

These Pure Vintage ’75 Jazz Bass single-coil pickups are truly period-correct with enamel-coated coil, cloth-covered output wires, and Alnico 5 magnets. The sound these pickups put out ranges from fat low end to punchy midrange to toothy treble — a beautiful sonic combination that is the foundation of Fender Jazz Bass tone. Jazz, funk, rock — this bass can cover it all with the kind of tonal styling that leaves you and your audience satisfied.

That fat, funky neck

Ask any player who has spent time with the fatter '70s U-style maple neck profile of the Fender American Original '70s Bass, and you will hear a string of descriptors ranging from deep and balanced to one of a kind. With a 9.5" radius and a bound maple fingerboard with vintage-tall frets, this neck sits beautifully in the hands and features a touch and response dynamic that opens wide the doors of stylistic exploration.

Fender American Original '70s Jazz Bass Features:

  • 4-saddle Pure Vintage '70s bridge with single groove saddles provides amazing support for staying in tune
  • '70s U-style maple neck profile sits balanced in your hand inviting stylistic exploration
  • Pure Vintage '75 Jazz Bass single-coil pickups kick out a wide range of tonal stylings
  • Nickel/chrome hardware adds vintage look and feel