Fender American Professional Telecaster Black

This Telecaster plays like a slick cat on a hot summers day just looking for a pool to jump in; Crazy Good that is! We love this Tele! You immiediately feel the power of Fender coursing through your veins when you strap this one on and plug her in. The neck has a great carve and the pickups really translate well and give a pure and classic tone!

Fender is guided by one clear, simple directive: make life better for musicians. While the original Telecaster certainly did that (and then some), we weren't content to rest on our laurels. Our team of mad scientists examined every component in near-microscopic detail. If we were able to improve it with a new design or modern materials we did; if it didn't need improvement, we left it alone. When the wood chips and solder fumes settled, what was left was the American Professional Telecaster—everything you need to play your best.

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