Fender Compugilist Compressor/Distortion Pedal

Combines Heightened Sustain and Satisfying Grind

The Fender Compugilist Compressor/Distortion pedal injects your playing with heightened sustain and satisfying grind in a way that’s sure to inspire. These two discrete, all-analog effects are independently switchable, so you can use them either by themselves or stacked. You also get a Bass Boost switch, which is a great way to fatten up thin-sounding single-coil pickups. Despite all this functionality, the Compugilist is a breeze to use, thanks to a straightforward control set. If you want the flexibility of having high-quality compression and distortion in one pedalboard-friendly chassis, plug into the Compugilist Compressor/Distortion — it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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