Fender Custom Shop, '65 Strat Heavy Relic - CMPRAD-SFA Surf Green

A stunner in Surf Green, super faded that is for your viewing pleasure. We received four custom shops in the day this gal arrived and we were immediately entranced by the beauty of simplicity in this wonderfully aged Stratocaster. At the height of flower power stood the 1965 Stratocaster, not much changed from its inception over a decade prior yet wielding even more power. This guitar is a fierce tonal warrior and has the looks to match. 

The neck is a great full C and the dark board is a beautiful compliment to her. The Compound radius is a wonderful addition to this instrument so that when you reach the upper registers there are no fret outs and a low action to boot! Tonally this guitar is very different than the guitar from ten years prior. There is a bit more room for aggression in her and she seems fine tuned to handle a tube screamer (even though those wouldn't have been built for decades to come). Her cleans are shimmering and clear while the overdrive tones have a nice cut through without too much mid range in them. 

We waited almost a year for this guitar to hit our showroom and we couldn't be more thrilled! What a beautiful morsel the Custom Shop has sent us and we thank them kindly for her!



  • Fender Custom Shop, '65 Strat Heavy Relic -Surf Green
  • Flash Coat Laquer 
  • Weight: 8.1 lbs
  • Neck Shape 65 Strat "C" 
  • Compound Radius
  • Tinted Quartersawn Maple Neck
  • Thickness at the 1st Fret .820"
  • Thickness at the 12th Fret .974"
  • Neck Pickup HW 65 Strat
  • Mid HW 65 Strat RWRP REL
  • Bridge HW 65 Strat REL


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