Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition 1954 Telecaster Heavy Relic Super Faded Copper (Top 100 Dealer Event Excl. Extremely Rare)

Fender Custom Shop

Here's another hand picked specimen fresh from the Custom Shop! Baxter saw this gal out at Fender and had to wrestle a bunch of folks to bring her home. It's got a perfectly huge neck that's supremely comfortable and playable, and it'll twang or rock with the best of them. With it's gorgeous faded copper finish, this just may be one of the best teles we've seen in the  shop so far. 

The bite and attack on this guitar is fantastic and is very akin to a vintage early 50's tele. The notes cut through but have a marvelous compression and sonic quality to them. The neck is not for the faint of heart either. This girl has a chunky neck that is immediately comfortable. Many early tele custom shop builds have necks that are monsters but this one fits nicely right below monster status! 

The finish on the instrument is breathtaking and unique and one of our favorite relics we have seen in quite awhile. The checking in there and the finish is destroyed in just the right way. We absolutely love the fit and finish of this instrument!

All in all this us one serious telecaster for the one looking for an amazing tele tone with a unique and well worn in skin. The team here at Casino will be very sad to see her go but happy to welcome her into her new family, as this guitar will definitely spice things up!

This 1954 Custom Shop Telecaster includes: 

-Heavy Relic Lacquer Finish

-Ash Body, Quartersawn Maple Neck, 54 Style Soft "U" Neck-shape

-21-6105 Frets 9.5" Radius, Bone Nut -

-1-Ply Parchment Pickguard -

-Hand-Wound '51 Nocaster Pickups

-Fat 50's Tele Wiring (Tone control connects to volume wiper)

-Vintage 50's Style HardwareTweed Hardshell Case

-Limited Edition Certificate and Decal