Fender The Trapper Fuzz Pedal

Two Footswitchable Fuzz Voicings with +Octave Switch

Following in the footsteps of last year's Pelt fuzz, The Trapper by Fender gives you two unique fuzz textures — Calm and Possessed — to play with. The addition of a secondary footswitch gives The Trapper the edge for toggling fuzz voicings in the heat of a performance, taking you from a gentle sustain to hot vintage v*lcro in the twinkling of an eye. The Calm voicing nets you a wide gain range and an optional high-octave for re-creating Hendrician solos to droning Pumpkins-y washes. The Possessed voicing tips the gain to 11 and engages an aggressive noise gate, tamed only by the controls on your guitar. Shared Tone and Contour controls allow you to tailor The Trapper to any instrument in your arsenal, while independent level controls for each fuzz make this pedal a solid option for crunch/lead and controlled/chaotic stage applications. The Trapper fuzz comes housed in a brushed aluminum chassis with LED-backlit knobs (toggleable) for stage convenience and a classic amp jewel on-off LED for a touch of that classic Fender charm.