Gibson Custom Shop R9 Bourbon Burst


A chance to grab a brand new Gibson Custom Shop for a greatly reduced price is here. We are able to offer this hand-selected R9 in Bourbon Burst. Firstly, this guitar is breathtakingly gorgeous. The top the top the top! The Flame is outrageous on this one and we found ourselves getting lost in the peaks and valleys of this instrument! The burst has a perfect fade and works beautifully around the gorgeous striping on the two piece maple top. All of the appointments are spot on and historically correct. 

The Neck is a fantastic large feeling neck that doesn't overwhelm. It fits very comfortably and really brings the playing experience in close. There is almost a feeling of it pulling you in to really bend those notes across the dark board. The tones are outstanding and clear coming from this Les Paul. The bass is of course ever present in the neck pickup but the highs really come out as well which is not always the case. You can get the shimmer from a nice attack or even a well played chord really allows the individual notes come through. Another example of what we like to call a "tone-sandwich" happens when you put the sector in the middle pickup position.  The blend is great and with every tweak of the tone or volumes you can achieve completely separate tonal options. We found that by pulling the tone down to about two on the bridge created a fantastic and usable whaling tone with a touch of overdrive. The bridge is a masterpiece. The PAF sound you expect and crave is readily available from the minute you plug her in. From full volume to all the way down there are different and wonderful tones lurking. The snap and attack paired with that beautiful classic PAF compression is unmistakably Gibson.

  • Accurate reproduction of a 1959 Les Paul Standard
  • Every detail meticulously re-created to give you the look, sound, and feel of a vintage 1959 model
  • Lightweight mahogany body with beautiful figured maple top
  • '59 Medium C-shaped neck topped with a solid rosewood fretboard (this one is a solid C and fills the hand nicely)
  • Authentic details include vintage-style Kluson Green Key tuners, replica laminated acrylic pickguard, and original cellulose trapezoid inlays
  • Custombucker pickups for dead-on vintage PAF tone
  • 500K CTS pots, handwired harness, Bumblebee capacitors, and Switchcraft switch
  • Hide-glued mahogany neck with extended neck tenon for exceptional sustain and response
  • Gorgeous thin VOS nitrocellulose lacquer finish
  • Gibson Custom Shop Hardshell Case
  • COA

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