Kala KA-BNJ-BK-C Concert Banjo Ukulele


A Concert-sized Uke with the Power of a Banjo

You can hear the Kala Concert Banjo Ukulele loud and clear in almost any ensemble. It's designed to give you the enhanced snap and projection of a banjo, with the feel and tuning of a standard ukulele. The Concert Banjo Ukulele sports a Remo Weatherking banjo head, with an open-back design that enhances the vintage-style tone. It's not a banjo for ukulele players - it's a ukulele with the sound-enhancing properties of a banjo. If you regularly jam with your friends and need help making your ukulele heard, just grab the Kala Concert Banjo Ukulele.



Kala Concert Banjo Ukulele Features at a Glance:
  • Concert-sized ukulele with the sonic characteristics of a banjo
  • Remo Weatherking banjo head provides the snap and projection of a banjo
  • Open-back design enhances the vintage vaudeville sound
  • Bright sound is ideal for being heard in a large group of instruments
  • Easy for any ukulele player to pick up and play

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