Price varies by teacher

Lessons are scheduled based on student and teacher availability and is most flexible during August. Once a lesson time is established, that day of the week & time will be set as your recurring lesson slot unless you have made other arrangements with the teacher or the day falls on a holiday.

Please fill out a new student form at your first lesson and let us know how to best reach you for any scheduling conflicts.  Should you need to cancel, please contact your teacher at least 24 hrs in advance to let them know.

For record keeping purposes, we encourage parents/students to pay at each lesson by cash or check.  Payment can also be made in advance, online or in-store.  If you choose to pay online, please print a copy of your receipt so that the teacher can add it to their records.

Note: Missed lessons without notice or payment delinquency can cause loss of lesson time.  Our teachers stay very busy, please be considerate by letting them know 24 hrs in advance if possible.  If the student is sick, please cancel the lesson.  We can be flexible on our cancellation notice policy if it keeps everyone healthy!