Lowden F-23


Straight from the shores of Ireland is another of these majestic instruments. The Lowden F23 is a phenomenal guitar to play and hear. The notes are crystal clear, filled with overtones, and warm as the night night is long. We are thrilled to be able to bring these instruments to our wee shop and the fantastic humans that grace our doors and web world.

This Lowden is composed of a French Walnut for its back & sides with a Western Cedar top. There is a wonderful warmth and presence in this sound box. And the five piece mahogany neck is a joy to play as well as a sight to behold. 

Our first impression upon playing the instrument was Wow! It handles a simple D major chord and pulls something unique out of it. Add the F# to the D and a strange magic starts to happen. The overtones that role out seemed to creep up on us out of no where. This instrument somehow allows for a simple pattern to sound spectacular. 

We then passed the guitar onto our bluegrass fellas and somehow, they were blown away as well. All of us thought these Lowdens are amazing but there is no way it will fit in the grass world. We were wrong once again (just ask our wives...its often). Now were not saying this will remove Martin from its supremacy of the grass lands but wow were we shocked. 

So at the end of the day, we did not really want to put this instrument down. Every little nuanced aesthetic choice to the overwhelming tone that comes out of them are a joy to the ears and eyes! Let us help you on your way to one of the best and most unique tones your guitar hearing ears will ever know. 


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