Lowden S-35 Bog Oak


Considered by many to be the absolute pinnacle of acoustic guitar production, Lowden just keep knocking out models that simply take our breath away. This Lowden S-35 is no exception.

Lowden are known for their subtle use of majestic tone woods and timeless design and this is demonstrated perfectly in the S-35. With a truly beautiful Bog Oak back and sides, this guitar not only looks incredible, it sounds it too. With a Lutz Spruce top it is crisp, clear and well balanced. Lutz Spruce is a naturally occurring hybrid of Sitka and White Spruce and it has a strong attack and strong projection.

With a rich piano like response and unbelievable clarity it's equally at home as a finger style guitar or strumming big chords. A stunning 5 piece neck offers a familiar yet delicious neck combination. Every element of this guitar has been developed with the highest level of care and attention to detail, the result is simply stunning.

It's a premium guitar in every sense of the word, unrivalled tonal quality and construction from Lowden.