Lowden S-35 12 Fret

Oh the amazing goodness that has just arrived from the shores of Ireland! This 12 fret S-35 is crafted from the finest tone woods offered and put together by the worlds top craftspeople in Downpatrick Northern Ireland. We are not quite sure what they do over there but we are pretty positive they have some type of magic infused into the woods to allow them to do what they do. Some of us have thought witchcraft but after visiting their workshop we realized they are way too happy and have way to many smiles happening to have any time to dabble in the black arts.

Now onto what makes this guitar so special. Firstly it is gorgeous! Now not gorgeous in the way that there is abalone and inlays bounding about. In fact there is really no ornamentation besides the small tasteful rosette. But the visual splendor is in the woods and how they are blended together. The slight bend on the back of the headstock to the shimmering whites of the Lutz Spruce top just start to explain the beauties present. The five piece neck and the bridge (black rosewood) are other stunning examples of pure and clean craftsmanship. 

For such a small bodied instrument it is remarkable at the volume that exudes from this soundbox. The tone are lush and rich and there is an unmistakably addictive nature to this guitar. A simple chord on this Lowden is anything but. The overtones come dancing forth the minute you arpeggiate a D chord. The neck is the perfect size to encourage unique chording as well. As you work your way up and down the fretboard there are new treasures of tonal goodness that reveal themselves each step of the way. And when you put this guitar in drop D a real magic emerges. 

In the end if you are looking for a small bodied 12 fret instrument you would be hard pressed to find anything more suitable, enjoyable, amazing, or as inspiring as this Lowden S-35. 

  • Hand Crafted in Northern Ireland
  • Lutz Spruce Top
  • Top Grade Indian Rosewood Back and Sides
  • 12 Fret Design
  • Irish Abalone Rosette 
  • Wood Binding
  • New Custom Lowden Case
  • Serial Number 22813

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