Ludwig 1958 Refurbished Kit


In 1957 somebody bought a Ludwig 3 piece “Combo” drum set. It was essentially a Ludwig “Club Date” drum set (bow-tie lugs) but without the (12x15) floor tom. It consists of the original 14X22 bass drum, 9X13 tom-tom, and 5.5X14 snare drum. The shell date stamped on all these drums was January 29, 1957.  Then in 1965 the owner decided to add a 14x14 Club Date floor tom (based on the serial number on the badge). All the drums have nickel rather than chrome plated hardware. Sadly, sometime after 1965, the owner repainted (poorly) all the drums. It appears that all the drums originally had a factory Duco (painted) finish. 

Hardware Modifications:
Let’s face it – a lot of the 50’s and 60’s hardware sucks and some of the original 1957 drum-set hardware was no longer functional. 

  • 14X22 Bass Drum: Replaced the bass drum spurs with Gibralter SC-BS4 Bass Drum Spurs ($49.99), the bass drum tom shell mount with a Steve Maxwell Vintage Style Rail Consolette Spade Mount ($140.00) and added a Gibralter (Hoop Mounted) Bass Drum Anchor ($11.99).
  • 14X14 Floor Tom: Replaced the 3 floor tom leg mounts with Gibraltar SC-TL2 Floor Tom-Leg Brackets ($35.97) and the 3 legs with Gibralter SC-TL2A 10.5 mm legs ($14.99).
  • 9X13 Mounted Tom: Only replaced the 4 screws, washers and nuts on the original spade mount.
  • Snare Drum: Replaced the snare strainer with a Gibralter Deluxe Classic Snare Throw-Off ($21.99), the butt mount with a Gibralter Dunnett Snare Butt End ($11.99) and the snares with PureSound Custom Pro Steel 20 strand ($30.49). 

The Finish:
After I stripped the paint off and sanded the drum shells and BD hoops, I realized that I had really “good wood”. All the replaced drum hardware shell holes were filled with Elmer’s ProBond wood filler.  I varnished the inside of all the drum shells with 2 coats of Minwax Semi-Gloss Polyurethane. I wrapped the exterior of the shells in Vintage White Marine Pearl from Precision Drums ($274.00). I reinstalled all the original badges with new Ludwig 7/16” grommets. I cleaned and polished the original nickel hardware (there was some rust and discoloration). I decided to maintain the vintage sound with Remo Vintage Ambassador Coated heads on both the mounted and floor toms ($59.30); Remo Weather King Coated Ambassador batter head ($12.89) and Remo Ambassador Medium Snare Side head ($11.90) on the snare drum; and a Ludwig Vintage Logo Bass Drum White front BD head ($39.99) and a Remo Coated Powerstroke 3 BD head ($32.55) with Gibralter SC-BF felt strips ($4.99). The BD hoops got 3 coats of Valspar High Gloss Black Lacquer with a 5/8” Vintage Marine Pearl inlay. 

Set also includes a tom rail wrench, the original splash cymbal mount and Humes and Berg tuxedo bags for all drums.