Martin 00-15M w/Case


The classic Mahogany Martin 000-15 Which we hand selected a batch from the NAMM show this year. I love this body shape and wood combo! Perhaps one of the best blues guitar on the planet Martin has made a phenomenal instrument for us here and we love the tone and feel of this little monster. The solid Mahogany body creates a very warm and touch sensitive tone. The open geared tuners harken back to the original incarnations of this instrument back to the 20's. 

Part of what we love about this guitar is how unabashedly simple it is. There are no fancy inlays, no electronics, and somehow it fees fresh, exciting, and very current to todays tastes. We think that is an amazing testament to what Martin built almost a century ago. 

Martin 000-15M Acoustic Guitar at a Glance:

  • Solid mahogany tonewood delivers rich tonal complexity
  • Comfortable Auditorium body style
  • Low-oval neck profile feels incredibly smooth

Solid mahogany tonewood delivers rich tonal complexity

There's a good reason why singer-songwriters and many guitarists who sing swear by all-mahogany acoustic guitars such as this Martin 000-15M. The naturally warm and lively tone of mahogany is both extremely forgiving and it also provides a rich tonal complexity that's somewhat reminiscent of an electric sound. At the same time, the slightly deeper voice of this 000-15M leaves plenty of sonic space for your voice, acting as a an excellent source of accompaniment.

Comfortable Auditorium body style

The forward, balanced tone of this Martin 000-15M acoustic guitar comes from its Auditorium body style. This body style provides excellent projection and focus, perfect for competing with a banjo (which was a common combination in the '30s). The Auditorium body style also gives you well-balanced tone, making this 000-15M perfect for recording in your studio.

Low-oval neck profile feels incredibly smooth

Whether you need to survive long recording sessions or plan to play out late into the night, you'll be glad you got a Martin 000-15M acoustic guitar. This 000-15M features one of Martin's amazing modified low-oval neck profiles, which gives you enough girth to hold onto while still allowing you to play faster lines unhindered.

Martin 000-15M Acoustic Guitar Features:

  • Solid mahogany tonewood delivers rich tonal complexity
  • Auditorium-style body provides comfort and projection
  • Low-oval neck profile provides comfortable playability
  • Diamonds and squares - short pattern fingerboard inlays for an eye-catching appearance
  • Open-geared tuners with butterbean knobs look great and keep you in tune