Martin 1963 D-28


This guitar is a 1963 D-28 with Brazilian back and sides, and nicely grained spruce top, and a tone that is from another era. We feel very lucky to have come across this gem and are thrilled to be able to offer her to a new home to continue making music for many more decades. 

There is the typical wear associated with a guitar of this age . The finish is checking on parts of the back, sides, and top. There was a small crack below the pick guard (which is original) that we repaired. We had to remove and level out the bridge as it was warping. The tuners and strap pin are period correct replacements and are the only non original part of the guitar. The guitar has not needed a neck reset as well which leaves it in its original glued state.

The tone of the D-28 is phenomenal. It is a very loud, articulate, and "woody" sounding instrument. There is a natural series of overtones that is quite special in this instrument. It is also a very playable instrument for a guitar of this age.

Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions. 


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