Taylor 224ce Koa Deluxe

The 224ce Koa Deluxe is not only one of Taylors top selling instruments, it is one of the top selling guitars in this price range in the entire country. The minute you see one it beckons to be played and then the second you pick it up you know why this guitar is so popular! The balance is outstanding and the warmth without being at all muddy is wonderful. Now on a side note, the back of this guitar is absolutely gorgeous as well. We just found ourselves staring into the grain patterns realizing we had wasted 4 hours of the day. 

This 224ce has a great scooped tone allowing for wonderful vocal accompaniment. There is a great bass and treble push and she really handles arpeggios as well like a true champ. We love love love these guitars and here we have another winner on our hands.

Taylor 224ce-K DLX Features:

  • All-koa construction offers a crisp snap with strong mids and sparkling highs that sound better with age
  • Grand Auditorium body shape yields excellent projection and definition
  • Comfortable sapele neck is eminently playable
  • ES2 electronics produce top-notch amplified tone
  • Stunning koa body, black binding, single-ring faux pearl rosette with interlocking "fishbone" pattern, and Italian acrylic, small diamond fingerboard inlays
  • Chrome tuners ensure rock-solid intonation