Taylor 322ce Shaded Edgeburst

The new 300 series from Taylor is outstanding! This new Grand Concert sized guitar is a tonal workhorse in a a small package. The wood combo is one of the owners favorites. This guitar has a sweet sound that is almost impossible to get harsh or too bright. The low end and mid really shine here. Now this is not the instrument if you are looking for the loudest Taylor on the block. But if you are looking for one of the most overtone rich guitars with a fantastically comfortable playing experience than look no further. Playing lead work on this guitar is also outrageously fun. Working up and down the fretboard is a joy with the beautiful new inlays but the primary joy comes form the warm skas that come forward with every string stroke. 
  • Tasmanian blackwood back and sides enhance harmonics and projection
  • Great for fingerpicking to light strumming
  • Ebony fretboard improves clarity and note definition
  • Expression System 2 (ES2) electronics provide natural sound reproduction and a full dynamic response
  • Balanced output for noise-free amplification

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