Taylor GS Mini-e Bass

This is one of the most exciting new guitars to come onto the market in years to us! We really can't keep our hands off of these and whenever we get one in the shop we all gather around like kids at the candy store.


A Short-scale A/E Bass Guitar with HUGE Sound

The Taylor GS Mini-e Bass is a fun-to-play acoustic-electric bass. Its compact, small-scale design is lightweight, comfortable, and easy on your hands. Enjoy a direct, punchy tone with plenty of resonance, courtesy of the GS Mini-e Bass's spruce-topped sapele body. Custom nylon-core D'Addario strings optimize this bass's sound. And its level of projection is astonishing when you consider its size. Taylor's ES-B pickup ensures top-notch sound when you plug the GS Mini-e into a PA or your favorite amplifier. The Taylor GS Mini-e Bass is a great acoustic-electric bass for writing, recording, and performing.

Ultra-portable acoustic bass guitar that's easy to play

Taylor's award-winning GS Mini series is a scaled-down version of their ever-popular Grand Symphony guitar shape. The GS Mini-e Bass features a 23-1/2-inch scale length, which makes it comfortable and playable. Kids, beginners, and guitarists who don't normally play bass find it easy to play. Effortlessly pack this tiny instrument into your car, haul it on the subway, or store it in a plane's overhead bin. Perfect for camping, festivals, or even transporting over long distances, the GS Mini-e Bass is a compact acoustic-electric bass that is ready to go where you go.

Custom D'Addario strings optimize this bass's sound

The Taylor GS Mini-e Bass features custom strings designed by D'Addario. Designed exclusively for the GS Mini-e Bass, these strings sport nylon cores that are overwound with coated phosphor bronze wire. And they sound great. At Sweetwater, we love the warm, clear bass that these strings exhibit. And just an FYI — because of the Mini-e Bass’s short scale, these are the only strings that will work with it.

Taylor GS Mini-e Bass Acoustic-electric Bass Guitar Features:

  • Scaled-down Grand Symphony acoustic-electric bass guitar with big sound
  • 23-1/2-inch scale length is comfortable and playable
  • Spruce-topped sapele body yields a direct, punchy tone with plenty of resonance
  • Custom nylon-core D'Addario strings optimize this bass's sound
  • Dual-prong bridge pins provide secure string anchoring and optimized performance
  • ES-B pickup ensures top-notch plugged-in tone